Topic outline

  • Introduction

    Prereqs: Color Theory: Understanding the Numbers of Color course.

    This three module course will get you familiar with the eXact family and is required as a part of your onboarding process. In this course you will:

    1. Identify the feature differences in each of the four eXact models and who the target audience is for each one.
    2. Identify the key value propositions of the eXact family as they relate to saving a customer time and money.
    3. Explain the advantages of the eXact over similar devices.

    Additional time with an applications engineer and sales mentor will be scheduled upon completing this course.

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    • Module One: Getting to Know the eXact Family

      Watch the following videos to learn about the features on each of the eXact models. While some of the same features are highlighted in each one, pay close attention to the differences.

    • Module Two: Value Proposition

      In this module, you will learn about the core messaging to use when talking about the eXact. Some of the core features and their target audience will also be emphasized.

    • Module Three: Selling Strategies